These are great websites for book recommendations


Goodreads Top 100

Goodreads is a great resource where avid readers of all kinds review and classify books. How many books from this top 100 have you read? Mrs. Hammons has read 54, so far. . .



Yes, this is a link to a Twitter page. ProjectLIT is a movement for young adults, and somewhat powered by young adults. Although guided with love by great librarians and teachers, the books that make the ProjectLIT lists are chosen because the diverse and very real characters respresent students in our middle and high schools so well. Everyone likes to see themselves in a book.


Epic Reads

This is a commercial vendor of books, but their lists are pretty spot-on. A commercial seller of books can be a great way to see what new books are out and what is most popular.


Book Riot

Book Riot has a good system of classifying books by genre, so, you know you want to read a dystopian? or a mystery thriller? They probably have a list for you with well written book summaries.


Book Page

This website is really an online newspaper of books. Browsing this site is like browsing a newspaper, but the page selected here is their section of YA book reviews.


TEL Books and Authors

This is a database of all kinds of fiction and nonfiction. You can browse genres, authors, lists of award winners, and if there's a particular book you really liked, it shows about three different "read-a-likes" that are similar to that book.


Time's List of 100 YA Books

This claims to be the best 100 books of all time. I really can't quite agree 100%, but since the list starts with The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I can't help but put it here. I can easily recommend reading most of the titles here, and although none of these are hot new titles, will Harry Potter books or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe ever go out of date?


YALSA's Teens Top Ten

YALSA stands for Young Adult Library Services Association and their Teens Top Ten list, produced annually by teen votes. Considering how many books are published each year, just picking ten means that these cherry-picked titles are going to be really good! On this page you will also find a Book Finder Database that will look up books for you.


What Should I Read Next 

This interactive website uses tags to classify books, so after you've entered a title, it will show books with similar tags. Caution, when you click on a book's Info/Buy tab, it will bring you to. . .



. . .yes, Amazon. Yes, they want to sell their books, and they don't care whether you buy a hardback, paperback, an ebook, or an audiobook. This website is user-friendly if looking for a particular title or author, and the summaries are well written. At the bottom of a selected book's page, there are always other titles recommonded that are often read-worthy.